Updated Welcome back 2013

I hope you have all had a great holiday and Santa visited you all ! We have another busy term coming up with Exams, Auditions, Performances, Guest teachers, B-Tec and the new Street and Junior Contemporary classes available something for everyone.

I would like to congratulate everyone on such fantastic shows over the Christmas period you were all fabulous ( details of photos and Dvd’s will be posted on the board as soon as I have the details)!!!!

On the board there are details of the upcoming events and each week there will be updates, I will give the information out as I receive it so keep your diary’s to hand. If you wish to try out any classes please feel free just make the teacher aware that they are sampling the class for the first time as the faculty member will asses and make sure that they are in the correct class.

Although we will do our best to accommodate friends and family we now have waiting lists on some of the classes so please check availability for vacancies.

Many of the students this term are working towards their exams in most genre’s so it would be unfair to our current pupils and daunting for new pupils to come into any of these classes.

The classes with waiting lists are; Primary Ballet, Primary Tap Grade 1 Ballet, Grade 2 Ballet, Inter-Foundation Ballet, Intermediate Ballet, Advanced Ballet (Saturday)

We also have a brand new website (www.italiacontiplymouth.co.uk) so you can also catch up on events and information on there and our ‘Facebook’ page. As always if you have any questions or queries please either speak to the girls on the front desk or email info@italiacontiplym.co.uk. I hope you all have a great term and I look forward to working with you all, Becky-Ann