Rules & Guidelines

Here are the guidelines and rules for parents and pupils attending Italia Conti Associates at Discovery College, YMCA Plymouth.

  1. The buildings will be open from 8.30 for Associate Classes. Parents should ensure that children are collected promptly at the end of classes.
  2. All pupils must sign in and out at our reception in the main entrance each time they attend classes. The reception entrance MUST be the only route used in and out of the building, pupils should not use fire doors or other entrances.
  3. Parents are requested to e-mail prior to their child’s class if they are to be absent.
  4. PARENTS OF CHILDREN AGED 8 YEARS AND UNDER MUST STAY ON THE PREMISES WHILST THEIR CHILD IS ATTENDING CLASSES  Children from the ages of 9-12years  will require a letter from parents/guardians giving their permission for them to stay on site if their parents/guardians are not in attendance. (No responsibility will be taken by Italia Conti).  There is a designated waiting area which is available to parents of any member. Parents are not allowed to observe classes unless by special invitation from the principal.
  5. Fees are payable in advance each term and not refundable.  The principal may refuse to permit a child to attend classes if fees are outstanding.
  6. Children will be placed in the class most suitable to their age and ability.  Class places and examination entry is at the principals’ discretion.
  7. Pupils must only attend the classes in which they have booked a place.  Under no circumstances are they to attend another class without permission.
  8. Pupils who do not attend for four consecutive weeks without first notifying the office will automatically be struck from the registers and their place reallocated. No refund will be given.
  9. As far as possible, Italia Conti Associates follow the same term times as the county follows however, where a pupil is unable to attend a class outside term time, no refunds will be given.
  10. Italia Conti Associates subscribes to the policies employed by Italia Conti Arts Centre, Guildford
  11. One full term’s notice is required before a pupil leaves, or a term’s fees in lieu of notice.
  12. Co-operation of parents is requested when homework of any description is given, either for acting or dancing classes.
  13. Italia Conti Associates and Discovery College, YMCA Plymouth cannot accept any responsibility for articles or money lost on the premises.
  14. No food on drink may be consumed outside the designated areas or in the studios.
  15. Mobile phones should be switched off in class. Mobile phones which disrupt lessons may be confiscated.
  16. Chewing gum is strictly forbidden.
  17. Pupils are not allowed to smoke on the premises.
  18. Parents are asked to make it clear to pupils that they must take care not to damage the property of Italia Conti Associates and Discovery College, YMCA Plymouth.  Wilful damage will be charged for and the member responsible may be asked to leave the school.
  19. Italia Conti share the premises with Discovery College, YMCA Plymouth. Areas exclusively used by the College are out of bounds to pupils.  Any pupil compromising the security and privacy of these areas is liable for immediate suspension.
  20. Parents should park only in the designated car park.
  21. All pupils are expected to read and fully understand the Fire Drill notices, which are exhibited throughout the premises.  The Fire Warning will be continuous sounding of the fire alarm.
  22. Should it be necessary to close the Associate school or cancel classes on account of epidemic or national crisis, or any circumstances over which the directors have no control, fees cannot be returned or compensation made.
  23. The principal reserves the right to make changes to scheduling of classes and teaching staff as necessary. Show rehearsals will take priority over classes when necessary.
  24. Appropriate uniform must be worn (link to be added)
  25. Any pupil being disrespectful to any member of staff, parent or another pupil will be requested to attend a disciplinary hearing,,the outcome of which may result in a verbal warning. Any further disciplinary action will result in a written warning, followed in some cases by the pupil being requested to leave the school.
  26. Italia Conti uniform may be purchased from For new members, we request the full uniform for their appropriate classes to be purchased and worn by the beginning of the second term.
  27. All pupils must wear soft soled shoes on the premises.  High heeled shoes, jeans and jewellery are not to be worn.  Tap shoes may only be worn in class.
  28. Pupils will be excluded from participation in classes if they do not attend wearing clean and proper shoes and uniform, please ensure your hair is in a bun for ballet classes.
  29. Please ensure that all equipment and clothing is clearly marked with the pupil’s name.
  30. Please ensure that parents and pupils read their emails and our social media platforms on a regular basis to keep you all updated with our latest information regarding forthcoming events ,class timetable changes, term dates, venue changes (which would be out of our control) and news in general.

Last updated March 2022