General Classes

General classes take place on Saturdays. A short summary of each class is included below.


Acting Classes are structured to bring out the very best in each young performer. Working as a group but recognising each child’s unique talent.

The primary group is for children aged 4 to 7 years and introduces children to acting by developing their improvisational skills and building on their imagination – through fun drama exercises, story building and narration

The junior group is for ages 7 to 10 years and takes children to the next level in acting introducing script work and audition technique. Helping them to increase confidence and working on the development of characters.

The intermediate group 11 to 13 years – pupils work on different acting techniques and also the unique styles required for theatre, film and TV acting. We look at the use of accents and essential skills such as voice projection.

The Senior group is for ages 13 + and prepares students for audition entry to full time performing arts schools in further education. This class also teaches pupils to apply their acting skills to the world of performing arts.


Ballet technique is the basis of all dance forms. It takes time, effort and dedication to execute the classroom step to any given style, to make it natural, make it seamlessly connected, so that it is true and honest when performed.

We start classes in Ballet at the age of two and a half, starting with ‘ dance to your own tune’  (RAD) which is a pre-school syllabus where the students learn to relate to music.

They then progress onto the RAD grades from Pre-primary in Dance right the way through the Grades up to Advanced 2.

As Ballet is the most strengthening Genre in Dance we like every student to take this subject but it is not compulsory.


Contemporary is a dance style that rejects many of the strict rules of classical ballet, focusing instead on the expression of inner feelings. These classes are suitable for students who are grade 2 ballet or above.



Jazz Dance

Jazz dance is the ideal way to build your all round dance skills;it draws the best from all different styles and mixes them into something magical.  It is simply great fun and a foundation to many other dance forms.


Modern Dance

Modern is designed to give the dancer style.

Technical exercises and routine work is offered from Primary to Major and Teachers level.

Musical Production

Pupils present their combined acting, singing and dance skills in production numbers from celebrated Musicals. Teachers encourage pupils to develop and use their personalities.


singingItalia Conti has an excellent reputation for producing singers. In class, a wide range of musical theatre is covered. Pupils are given opportunities develop their solo singing skills as well as learning how to harmonise in groups. The importance of correct breathing and vocal technique is considered a vital part of class work. LCM examinations can be taken by suitable pupils.


Street Dance (United Dance Organisation)

udoThe class strives to provide dancers of all ages, backgrounds and ability a platform to display their creativity and love for street dance. We at Italia Plymouth use UDO as it is the leading force in street dance acroos the UK and Europe, the UDO plans to grow and develop the art of street dance, by delivering high quality events, as well as teacher and dancer development programs.


Tap Dance

tapThis style of dance uses precise, rhythmic patterns and is a skill to be taken seriously by all dancers. ISTD examinations to be taken by suitable students.