We require all students to purchase an Italia Conti t-shirt, but the rest of their uniform can be chosen  from the following list.

Uniform can be purchased from the Uniform Shop  each Saturday of term time from 10 – 3pm. On the first two days of each term, uniform will be available from 10-4pm.

Items not in stock can be ordered specially; delivery normally takes one week. We recommend pupils are fitted for uniform as sizes of stock can vary.

There is also a second hand uniform shop please ask at reception for details.


T- Shirt  £12.00
Leotard £ 14.00 to £ 15.00
Ballet Skirts £ 16.00
Fleece  £ 20.00
Jazz Pants £ 18.00
Jazz Shoes Various
Stirrups £ 12.00
Bloch Ballet Shoes £ 10.00
Exercise Bands £ 8.00
Character Shoe £ 18.00
New Yorkers £ 35.00
Ballet Sock £ 2.50
Ballet Tights £ 3.50 small
Ballet Convertible Tights £ 8.00- £10.00
Tracksuit Bottoms £ 20.00
Hoodie £ 20.00

Please make cheques payable to Italia Conti Centre for Arts.