All courses take place on Saturdays except where stated. Please note all fees quoted are exclusive of VAT. Examinations are offered on most courses for pupils who wish to take them.

General Courses

For Younger Children

These classes provide a fun introduction to the performing arts for the very young.  As the child develops, at the discretion of the teaching staff, they can join classes in other disciplines.  Please note, however, children cannot join Acting, Singing and Aerial classes until they are 4 years old.

Children aged between 2 and 4 years are welcome to join Italia Conti in the following classes. Each last 30 minutes per class and cost £48.50 per term:

  • Pre Primary musical production
  • Pre-primary Ballet
  • Pre-Primary Tap

Triple Threat Academy  Friday  Evening

Primary/Junior: 5pm – 6:30pm
Inter / Senior:  6.30pm – 8pm

£123.00 per term

Musical Production

Musical Production is unique to Italia Conti.  Pupils present their combined acting, singing and dancing skills in production numbers from well known musicals and popular songs. Teachers encourage pupils to develop and use their personalities.

Ages 3 – up to Year 2 (30 minutes): £48.50 per term
Year 3 +  (60 minutes):  £82 per term

Commercial classes

Ages 8+ 60 minutes £82 per term 


Inter/Advanced 60 mins £82

Examination Classes

Jazz Dance (ISTD syllabus)

Jazz fills the commercial world of dance.  Originally based on a basic ballet technique, the influence of street dance has developed jazz dance to encompass many different styles and challenges.

Intro to Jazz 30mins £48.50 per term

Bronze – Gold Jazz 60 minutes £82 per term

Jazz Fusion 60mins £82 per term

Ballet (RAD syllabus)

Ballet technique forms the basis of all dance forms.  Training demands discipline, effort and dedication.  Examinations and assessments may be taken by suitable candidates.

Saturday all grades / Evenings Thursday  as shown on timetable

Pre -Primary to Primary (30 minutes): £48.50 per term
Grade 1 and above through to Intermediate Vocational (60 minutes): £82 per term

Advanced 1-2 Vocational (90 minutes): £123 per term

Modern Dance (ISTD syllabus)

Modern is designed to give the dancer style.  Technical exercises and routine work are offered up to Teacher’s level.

Grade 2 -4 (30 minutes): £48.50 per term

Grade 5 and above (60 minutes): £82 per term

Tap (ISTD syllabus)

Tap remains an essential skill for all dancers.  Italia Conti concentrates on free-style tap and examinations are offered to Teachers level.

Primary to Grade 3 (30 minutes): £48.50 per term
Grade 4 and above (60 minutes): £82 per term

Speech and Drama (leading to LAMDA awards) / Acting

These classes concentrate on voice production and acting technique.  Students have the option to take LAMDA examinations up to 3 times a year in verse and prose speaking, acting and improvisation. Pupils are encouraged to develop physical and vocal acting skills in imaginative ways through games, improvisation and by interacting with others. Characterisation, text work and performance skills are also explored.

Classes held Saturday  times as listed on timetable

All levels

30mins £48.50 per term

60 minutes £82 per term

Singing (leading to LAMDA Musical Theatre Awards)

Pupils study everything from light opera to rock and develop their solo skills as well as learning how to harmonise in groups. The importance of correct breathing and vocal technique is considered a vital part of class work.

Group singing 30mins £48.50

Group Singing 60 minutes £82 per term
1:1 on site private lessons 30 mins £17.50 per lesson  – please enquire

Aerial & Acrobatic Arts 

Pre Primary – Junior 60 mins £95 per term

Junior- Inter 60 mins £95 per term

Inter-Senior 60mins £95 per term


Performing Arts Package

This course has been devised to introduce students to the skills required, in order to pursue a successful career in the performing arts. Students benefit from a full performer’s training in all disciplines and are expected to reach a standard which will allow them to compete for full time training courses at F.E level.  Students are especially encouraged to apply for entry into the Italia Conti Academy in London, and Italia Conti Guildford.

Saturdays 9 – 6pm

Primary/Junior/Inter & Senior: 6 classes of choice – 7th class FREE