Rebecca Miles

Becky Miles

Becky is a Dancer, Practitioner and Aerial performer living and working in the South West.

Her love for Dance and Aerial performance has given her the opportunity to work professionally within many different dancing landscapes- amidst trees, on walls, harbours, towers and in shopping malls. She has taught and worked with hundreds of young people and spread her skills, knowledge, joy and love for movement and performance in many different settings. She has worked as a lead dance practitioner at the Barbican theatre and subsequently delivered dance in schools, community centres and private dance schools.

In 2016 she joined Yskynna Aerial Arts as an associate performer and began her journey into Vertical dance, leading to many of the exciting performance spaces named above.

She has worked with such artists and companies as: Freefall Dance, Jules Laville, Helen Kindred, Kay Crook, Jane Castree and Spindrift Dance collective. She has taken up many training opportunities both in the UK and abroad and is always aiming to expand her knowledge and practice. In 2019 Becky Co-founded Off The Wall Aerial Dance Circus which is in development for it’s first show ‘She Who Dares’ (2020), combining the best of vertical and floor based dance and circus disciplines.