Dear all,

As you know we are breaking up early so that we can perform at a few of the Christmas events we have been asked to. Please find below 3 of the events of which we would like the children to attend and of which they have already started rehearsing for.

These events are a really exciting part of building their confidence, working with peers and of course learning to perform AND is such a fantastic way to start the Festive season!!

The second of the performances is at Mt Edgcumbe’s Christmas Fayre. We will be performing by the stables on Sunday the 8th of December at 12.30. This will include Musical Theatre and singing classes and Theatre Group.

The final performance is ‘Sing a Long with Santa’ at Kitley House. This again will include Musical Theatre and singing classes. The students will be singing with a pianist from 12 on Sunday the 15th of December. This is the first time this event has been held so we are very privileged to have been asked.

You can book to have a meal whilst the children sing or after as Mrs Marshall (chef/restauranteur) has generously organized a buffet for the children in a different room (they will be chaperoned). BUT places are limited so if you would like to book please call Kitley House and tell them you are from ‘Italia Conti’.

This promises to be a Fantastic event one not to be missed! I can’t wait and I look forward to seeing you all there!

The first performance is at the ‘Thanksgiving Parade’ on Plymouth’s Barbican on Thursday the 28th of November. The Students will perform at the ‘Mayflower Steps’ where the main of the event is. There will be Christmas stalls and we will sing as ‘Santa’ arrives by boat at 5.30pm. There will also be a Lantern parade after if you wish to stay and enjoy the Festivities.

This too looks set to be a very festive evening.


For all events could we ask all students who are performing to arrive 30 minutes before the performance start time.

Teachers will confirm what they wish the students to wear and I will put a list on the board. Please let us know if you are not able to attend these events.


I look forward to seeing you all there!